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Director Mentor - East Sussex ecommerce company

East Sussex
Project Rate
Job Type
Projects (typically 1 to 20 days each)
Date Posted
Feb 7, 2018

Job Description

The Founder and Director of an ecommerce menswear retail business that has experienced rapid growth through cashflow alone is now in need of assistance to enable growth and improve efficiencies.

The business requires transformation and professionalization. The Founder and Director has identified knowledge gaps in the management team and recognizes that personal relationships "are getting in the way". Many employees have just grown with the business and have not received formal training.

The Founder and Director has the following requirements to work with the mentor:

- Due to the limited cash finding difficult to plan/ invest long term.

- Lack of clear focus/ direction from Founder and Director.

- Clear role definition of the Founder and Director will be required.

- Improve accountability from senior managers.

The most suitable candidate would be:

- Someone who has experience leading a bigger business and has seen the challenges in front of us.

- Has experience developing a company and is in touch with ecommerce.

- Someone that can develop a strategic plan, review the current business, and develop tangible aims with deadlines. i.e. a complete review of the business in order to initially stabilise it. Then put a roadmap back in place to aggressively grow it.

- Someone that can take a hands on approach in early stages coaching the Founder and Director to grow. This is important.

- An experienced individual who can help professionalising the business.

- A person who can help guide the business from where it is now to where needs to be (this will need to be defined).

- A person who will be brutally honest and will say what the elephant in the room is.

- Strong individual who will be able to develop and challenge the Founder and Director.

- Set out a plan to personally develop the founder and Director into a stronger leader. A shoulder to lean on.

Main areas to work on:
Decision making
Self confidence
Distinguish work vs. personal relationships
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