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Project work benefits both employers and jobseekers

Skilledpeople.com's innovative Project Work option allows employers to get important work done at low cost and short notice, whilst helping candidates broaden their skills and enhance their CVs.

To learn more about Project Work follow the links below.

How Project Work solves business problems for SMEs

How Project Work benefits jobseekers

Skilledpeople.com connects ambitious businesses seeking practical support to improve and expand with experienced skilled people who quickly add value and become productive.

Our service is FREE for candidates. The cost for an employer to post a job or project is one of the lowest available to encourage a high level of  participation by small and medium sized businesses.

To see what employers say about our service and the quality of candidates on SkilledPeople.com, take a look at these videos of two clients:

Enley Taylor of South London Nurseries.

Melanie Johns of Harris Hill.

Employers and candidates can choose to work together in different ways:

  • Short-term Projects 
  • Fixed-term contracts
  • Part-time jobs
  • Full-time jobs

To keep our costs down we leave employers and candidates to agree terms of engagement or contracts of employment with each other. Guidance on how to do this can be found on the .Gov.uk website. Our role is to match employers' needs with candidates' experience as closely as possible to help proprietors improve their businesses and candidates find rewarding work.

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