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Making the most of your later life and your retirement!

These days later life can be a time of great opportunity, we are in general much fitter and healthier in later life than our parents were. Even when we retire we are likely to have 20 years or more of good active life ahead of us, so it’s very important to make the most of it in ways that are both enjoyable and fulfilling.

Later Life on the web

Have you visited leading over 50s site www.laterlife.com yet? Laterlife is a partner of skilledpeople.com and with over 3000 pages of information, the Laterlife site has been described as providing a feel of limitless opportunity.

Laterlife provides extensive information on a wide range of subjects and its monthly features section carries topical articles each month from a network of writers on items of interest to over 50s. It also runs a series of free email newsletters which keep opt-in subscribers up to date on the latest articles, information and offers.

It also has a range of 20 free guides covering topics such as ’Concessions and discounts’, ‘Caring for elderly parents’, and ‘Staying fit and healthy in retirement’.

It doesn’t stop there either, there are facilities like the recently introduced Laterlife one-armed bandit where you can pull the handle, enjoy the sound effects and receive three great ideas on things to do today.  Some will exercise your brain, some will exercise your body and others will exercise your social skills. You can pull the handle as many times as you want -there are over 500 ideas in the bandit and visitors are suggesting new ideas all the time.

It’s well worth a visit and worth subscribing to the newsletters if you are interested in making the most of later life!

How ready are you to retire?

If you want an unbiased assessment why not try one of the free self-assessors which you can read about and link to on www.laterlife.com/retirement?  A quick series of 20 questions establishes how well you are doing, gives you a score out of 100 and highlights where you need to take action.

If you want to get serious about planning your retirement then Laterlife run 1 day retirement workshops all around the UK. These are used by both individuals and by public and private sector organisations for their staff to help them both decide when to retire and to plan to make the most of it. You can find details at www.retirement-courses.co.uk

Laterlife also provide an online retirement planning facility on another of their sites at www.planningmyretirement.co.uk

Tony Clack, founder of Laterlife says that “Filling 40-50 hours each week on top of previous leisure time, for the next 25 years, is a major challenge! It’s also a great opportunity, for the first time in our lives we decide what we do when. In effect we write our own ‘job description. A retirement workshop  can really transform your ability to make the most of retirement and we regularly have comments such as ‘The Most useful course I have attended in 32 years’. A study by University of Greenwich also showed a 20% increase in life satisfaction in retirement among people who have attended a planning retirement workshop.

Retirement these days is a time of opportunity and choice for everyone says Tony, so it’s definitely worth considering spending one day to make the most of the next 10,000!

For more information visit www.laterlife.com and www.retirement-courses.co.uk