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Arun Cars (Pulborough) to face Consumer Rights Act legal challenge by SkilledPeople.com director

Arun Cars, the independent Jaguar car dealer based in Stane Street, Pulborough is to face legal action from a customer who claims the company is flouting the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

The Act gives consumers the right to reject goods if they develop a fault within the first 30 days from time of sale.

The customer, SkilledPeople.com director Mr Keith Simpson, 61, from South London says that the Jaguar car he bought on June 15, 2016 had multiple faults and problems from day one resulting in the car being returned within 48 hours. Mr Simpson says Arun then worked on the car for seven days but, within 48 hours of taking it back, it broke down in Chichester and had to be towed back to Pulborough by the AA. Arun had the car for a further five days but it broke down again within 24 hours of collection requiring its return, once more, to Pulborough by the AA where it has remained.

“Enough was enough”, says an exasperated Mr Simpson. “I gave Arun the benefit of the doubt initially but it has become clear that I was too generous in doing so and my faith was misplaced. At one point Arun even accused me, in writing, of deliberately trying to fault the car to get a refund. This was appalling customer service. Events have proved the problem lay with them and the car rather than with me. This is not the level of after sales customer care one expects when dealing with a company of longstanding. All I ask for is a refund so that I can buy another car and not be inconvenienced. Arun can then re-sell the car. I don’t think that’s unreasonable when the law is quite clear on this type of problem. Even Arun Cars has said that the car was faulty.” 

Prior to starting a legal action Mr Simpson sought advice from Citizen’s Advice which runs a helpline linked to the provisions of the new Act. It’s view is unequivocal: “‘Faulty’ means the car is not of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose or as described. If the problem fits into at least one of these categories, take it back to the trader before 15 July 2016 to get a full refund.”

Mr Simpson remains hopeful that Arun Cars will ‘see sense’ and bring the situation to a satisfactory end before its reputation becomes tarnished.   

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