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Employers need to use jobsites like SkilledPeople.com more effectively

One of the largest jobsites in UK recruitment is calling for employers to think more and work a little harder when using jobsites like SkilledPeople.com to get the best value for money.

According to Jobsite, when it comes to advertising jobs roles online, it’s important to remember that your posting is an advert and not a job description – it’s a chance for you to not only sell your vacancy, but also your company. Try and work out what it is that will make a candidate want to click through and apply for the role. Jobsite suggests investing in extra advertising such as individual fully bespoke, targeted emails can propel a role, and allow recruiters to target the most relevant and active candidates. 

Keith Simpson, managing director of SkilledPeople.com, agrees. "We see far too many employers not paying enough attention to their job ads and the information supplied to candidates. Those employers who spend more time thinking about what the candidate is looking for always get better results."

For more information go to: http://www.onrec.com/news/features/onrec-magazine-feature-how-to-effectively-use-online-recruitment

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