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Employment level hits new high but who is getting the jobs?

Two winners from the latest government employment statistics are older workers and non-UK nationals (economic migrants to you and us).

For workers aged 65 and over, the total number grew by 28,000 and 49,000 in the last two quarters. Some 1.17 million 65s and over 65s are now employed.  

For people employed who are not UK nationals, over the last year their total number swelled by 326,000 dwarfing the 122,000 UK nationals who got added to the ranks of the employed.

Even more sobering for younger people trying to make their way in the world and those wanting to move up the career ladder is the statistic that since 1997 the number of UK nationals working in the UK has risen from 986,000 to 3.22 million.

An all important question is where would the UK economy be without higher numbers of older people working and economic migrants? One thing's for sure, wages and salaries would be higher as employers would have to compete more for employees. 

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