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Londoners are more ageist in jobs market

New research from a recruitment organisation has found that jobseekers aged over 50 may well find it more difficult to find work in London than other parts of the UK.

This is because 20 per cent of Londoners consider that people aged over 50 are too old to do their jobs properly. Can you believe it?

Sadly for those of us who live and work in the capital it's probably too true. London is a increasingly a young persons' city. Perhaps it's always been but now more so. Even the ambition of Boris to make the tube network 24/7 is all about younger party people really. It's folks who have one too many after midnight and then struggle to get home. Should older Londoners be subsidising the irresponsibility of their children? You have to decide.

It's worth noting that graduates account for 66% of staff in the City and 61% in Westminster.

Outside of London the view that certain workers may be over the hill doesn't kick-in until someone is 60 or more. 

What's worrying is that this age prejudice is likely to get worse before it gets better at a time when demographic change means there are increasingly more older jobseekers than younger ones. 

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