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Numbers of over 50s working hits a record high

The latest employment figures from the government show that the over 50s have a constant hunger for work as 8.2 million are still employed and economically active.

Not only has this record high of over 50s workers been hit but in the last 12 months the number of people aged over 50 working has risen by a massive 235,000.

The reasons are many including increased financial pressures but it's also the case that the over 50s have the sorts of skills that employers are looking for.

They are more reliable than young workers, conscientious and generally come ready-trained so quickly deliver productivity.

Having said that, skilledpeople.com, the leading website for jobseekers aged over 50, still reports resistance to recruiting people with 25 or more years experience among employers large and small. Inevitably this will have to change as the population ages but for now many employers are missing out of hiring great older people to help move their businesses forward.

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