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Over 50s unemployment rate not reducing

While there is good news around the number of jobs being created in the UK and the rising numbers of older workers who are finding employment, there is also a worrying statistic for job seekers aged over 50.

Unemployment is falling fastest among younger people but for the over 50s it has not changed over the past year. Yes, more over 50s may be in work but due to population changes in the UK there are more people aged over 50 in the workforce every year. As a result unemployment, in terms of total numbers, is static.  

"Employers still have a long way to go in recognising the contribution people aged over 50 can make to developing strong, sustainable businesses. Whether a company is an SME or a large corporation its Human Resource and recruitment teams need to continually evaluate their recruitment practices to ensure vacancies are being promoted to older job hunters as well as younger ones", says Keith Simpson, managing director.

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