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Advice for over 50s looking for a new job

SkilledPeople.com often gets what a person aged over50 should do when applying for a new job. We don't have the resources to provide one-to-one consultancy to older candidates but our advice can be summarised as follows:

1. Limit a CV to the last 20 years maximum and no more than two pages long.

2. Work on the basis that 'less is more' in a CV. Keep the narrative short and use bullet points to summarise experience and achievements.

3. Most importantly, decide what you want to be. Mature candidates often think our experience qualifies us to do a range of jobs and we cast our net too wide. Employers don't think like that. They want a person to fulfil a specific role. So be clear about what you are and only apply for roles that match your positioning.

4. Take a sniper as opposed to a shotgun approach to job applications, ie. apply for fewer positions but with highly tailored, specific responses which reflect the qualities that the employer is looking for.

5. If you're not sure 'what you are' try looking at this video:   http://www.findyourthingbook.com/about-lucy/  I'm not a fan of self-help books but I do think the idea of 'Finding Your Thing' is relevant to a lot of widely experienced over 50s.

We are also often asked about age discrimination which is of course illegal now in the UK. Despite this, 'under the table' age discrimination is widespread in recruitment. It is a subject that floats to the surface on a regular basis although the media are less interested in it at present now that the UK is virtually at full employment. We often find ourselves sharing platforms with like-minded people or organisations. The most active is Business In The Community:  https://twitter.com/AgeBITC?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fage.bitc.org.uk%2F    and https://age.bitc.org.uk/ 

Another organisation which is active in this area is https://www.ageofnoretirement.org/

If you feel you are the victim of age discrimination, consult a 'no win no fee' solicitor, talk to Citizens Advice or take the problem to your local newspaper. 

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