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Age discrimination still an issue for jobseekers aged over 50

Research by SkilledPeople.com over the last eight years has shown consistently that job hunters aged over 50 feel they are discriminated against because of their age more than any other factor. 


Feedback from frustrated older jobseekers suggests that more than 90% of unsuccessful applications are rejected if the employer works out that the candidate is over 50.


A new study from Jobrapido has found that the problem of age discrimination is still seen to be the biggest problem in getting a new job for older people. Its research found the nearly a quarter (24%) of unemployed respondents think that the biggest reason for not being selected for a job is because an employer has given it to a younger person.


“At a time when the pool of skilled, experienced people looking for work in the UK is shrinking, as employment reaches record highs, it is incredible that recruiters and employers are continuing to ignore the advantages that employing an older person gives,” says Keith Simpson of SkilledPeople.com.


SkilledPeople.com has over 20,000 skilled and experienced candidates registered with it looking for new work opportunities throughout the UK.     

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