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Are the over 50s feeling the stress and taking the strain?

You'd think that people aged over 50 would be living the life of Riley? Blessed with mortgage free houses, final salary pensions and an empty nest.

The reality may be very different for many of the over 50s with no job prospects, limited financial resources and relationships under pressure.

Research shows that the biggest age group seeking therapy or counseling has always been early middle age - between 40 and 50 - but there are signs that older people are now embarking on the therapeutic journey.

Some of them will have had previous experience, but for others it is often a collision with one of life’s surprises that has brought them, for the first time, to a therapist’s consulting room.

Finding oneself without the daily routine of life-defining work, or being side-swiped by the end of a long marriage, or simply seeing your children leaving home - all these things can be difficult to deal with. 

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