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Big employers commit to increasing over 50s by 12%

The recent pledge by eight leading companies, including Aviva, Boots and Barclays, to increase the number of over-50s in their workforce by 12 per cent was lauded as a much-needed boost to older workers, who are set to play an increasingly important role in Britain's economy.

The pledge, which is part of an initiative to secure a million additional jobs for older workers, will also see companies publish data on the age of their workforce as they seek to reach their recruitment targets by 2022. 

The charity, Business in the Community, argues that by boosting the number of older workers, employers will benefit from the greater breadth and depth of their knowledge, but the move is also needed to fill a labour gap caused by the ageing population.

 Business in the Community points to figures showing that the employment rate currently drops sharply among older age groups, to 70 per cent for those aged 50-64 and just 21 per cent for those aged 65-69. 

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