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Boots accused of exploiting Blepharitis sufferers by overcharging by 25% for Blephaclean Wipes

A director of SkilledPeople.com has accused Boots of profiteering at the expense of older people who have the eye condition Blepharitis by charging 25% more for Blephaclean Wipes compared to most other retailers.

Typically, a pack of Blephaclean Wipes costs £7.99 for a box of 20 sachets, each containing one sterile wipe. However Boots charges £9.99 for exactly the same product and appears to have no intention of revising its pricing when the issue was raised with its customer care team.

“Blepharitis is an eye condition which is experienced by more people aged 50 plus than younger people”, says SkilledPeople.com director Keith Simpson. “I was recommended to use them by a Boots optician after I experienced dry eyes following a transatlantic flight. I did so in good faith only to discover later that Boots is over-charging customers by £2 on each pack sold. It’s outrageous.

“In common with many people in the older generation I have confidence in Boots the Chemist so my first thought was that this was an error and would be corrected by writing to Boots customer care department. The response I received was uncompromising and, to add insult to injury, they suggested I apply for a Boots card to get a paltry discount on purchases in their store.   

“These wipes can be bought for as little as £6.09 a pack from pharmacies such as Weldricks so why is Boots charging so much? Is it applying this excessive mark-up to all Blephaclean products? Where else in the store is Boots taking advantage of older people’s faith in this company’s honesty?”  

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