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Cool STEM jobs to consider when thinking about what college courses to take

If you have just started college or will be doing so in the next year, there are a lot of decisions that you have to make.

Choosing majors and courses can be confusing when you are not entirely sure which specific field you want to get into. Especially when it comes to studying in the Science faculty, you may not be aware of all the opportunities and niches that are currently available, as technology advances constantly and creates new jobs along the way. Here are some cool STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) jobs to look at. If any of these really appeal to you, it may help you make some important decisions in relation to which courses would be set you up for a career in that specific field.

Nuclear Engineer

Nuclear engineering is a fairly new, but burgeoning field with many nuclear jobs available for those with the correct skill set. With alternative energy sources being an important area of research, it is no wonder that many are finding satisfying careers in the field of nuclear engineering. Nuclear energy is at the forefront of responsible and limitless energy sources that are currently available. As such, it makes it a truly rewarding field to be involved in.

White Hat Hacker

For those with an interest in computer coding and information systems, this job just might tickle your fancy! While hacking is often thought of as something that is exclusively bad and illegal –this is not the case. White hat hackers, also known as ethical hackers are often employed by governments as well as companies in the private sector.

Often, these companies ask the ethical hacker to purposely try to breach their online security in order to identify any possible vulnerabilities. This allows the business to fix the problem before a malicious or black hat hackers takes advantage of these weaknesses.


Most people with a love for the STEM disciplines would have grown up playing with LEGO blocks. But who would have thought that you could land up working with LEGO as an adult –and get paid pretty well! There are seven LEGOLANDs worldwide, and all of them need skilled designers who can craft the life-size LEGO models that populate the very popular LEGOLANDs. In order to be considered for this job, you need considerable architectural skills, as well as the ability to use programs like Photoshop and Rhino.

3D-Printing Engineer

3D-printing is one of the coolest new technologies of the decade. Many different companies are beginning to embrace 3D-printing for their products, and as such need to hire 3D-printing engineers.

This is an incredibly sought after type of job as everyone wants to be have the opportunity to work with this super cool, new technology. This job is sure to be exciting and full of challenged. 3D-printing engineers are needed in a variety of fields, from civil engineering, the dental and medical industries, and even in education. 

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