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How do I recruit an experienced older worker aged over 50?

“How do I recruit an experienced older worker aged over 50?” is a question many employers ask themselves when they are fed up with the unreliability, naivety and unrealistic expectations of many younger recruits.

Employers and recruiters come to specialist over50s jobsites like SkilledPeople.com, LaterLife.com and High50.com because they know that their applicants and candidates are close to 100% aged over 50 with more than 20 years good working knowledge.

Typical vacancies that these older worker jobsites fill are for market researchers, call centre staff, customer service people and many senior administrative roles that call for cool heads and abilities that only come from advancing years.

In addition growing numbers of small companies are cherry-picking the over50s jobs market to hire professionals such as accountants, architects and trainers for short term projects. These so called Silver Bullets generally have lower day rates than younger consultants and are more flexible in their approach. 

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