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Impartial advice to help jobseekers aged over 50 and beyond

The UK government's main .gov.uk website now has a section devoted to providing advice for older jobseekers aged over 50. There is also information for employers regarding hiring older workers and the advantages they bring.

Impartial advice can be hard to come by in the recruitment arena but .gov.uk is full of valuable facts and figures along with recommendations of where to go to either find opportunities as an older jobseeker or, for an employer, how to recruit the best older, experienced people.

"Enabling people to stay in work in their 50s and early 60s and, if they wish, after State Pension age can help support the financial, health and social well-being of individuals into later life," says the site. "It is important for our economy, for employers and for individuals to make sure we can continue to afford pensions." 

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