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Jobs market turns in candidates favour. Good news for over 50s.

The latest information coming out from industry bodies confirms what SkilledPeople.com has been experiencing for months; that candidates are in a very strong position when looking to change jobs.


The continued expansion of the UK jobs market to record levels means that there has been a growing shortage of experienced, skilled people for employers to choose from. As a result, candidates are putting pressure on employers for higher salaries and better conditions which companies have to respond to positively or risk losing vital employees.


For older jobseekers aged over 50 this is good news. The days when a recruiter would automatically dismiss any application from a person that looked to be aged over 50 are becoming history. The fact is that more people aged over 50 and aged over 65 are working than ever before. This is partly due to demographic changes which have produced a bubble of older workers and, potentially the need for those people to keep working to maintain lifestyles and supplement pension pots, but it’s also a result of more jobs being created in the UK than ever before.


Brexit is often cited as a reason for labour shortages but SkilledPeople’s analysis finds that the Brexit effect has little impact on anything other than the lowest paid positions.


Anyone with good experience, a sound working track-record and a willingness to learn in flexible environments can expect to get a positive response from HR personnel be they over 50, over 60 or older. 


If you’re aged over 50 and want to explore new job opportunities or request more flexible working arrangements in your current job, do it now is the advice of Keith Simpson, SkilledPeople’s managing director.  

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