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Record UK employment making many employers recruit older workers aged over 50

Where are the best places to find jobseekers aged over 50 is a question often asked by a desperate employer who has had enough of the unreliability of younger employees.

The growing shortage of quality job applicants aged under 40 is prompting many recruiters and employers to work out ways of finding older workers aged over 50 to fill vacancies.

Thankfully employers looking for candidates with 20 or more years of good working experience now have a choice of established over 50s jobsites to tap into this valuable human resource.

Examples include personalcareermanagement.com, retirementreinvented.com and skilledpeople.com who all make it easy for a recruiter to focus on the older, more experienced end of the market.

The sort of jobs that employers often fill from the older resource include PAs, secretaries and retail managers through to bookkeepers, accountants, salesmen and marketers.

The over50s candidate pool has also become very attractive for smaller companies seeking short term interim hires or consultants for short term projects commonly known as Silver Bullets.

Either way there’s a seismic shift in recruitment towards hiring more over50s as employers work out the best sites to visit with the most experienced older candidates.  

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