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Recruiters ignore older experienced workers in moves to fill skills gaps

SkilledPeople.com has uncovered the fact that employers are continuing to ignore the advantages of employing older, experienced people to fill skills gaps.

The evidence for this lies in the CIPD's current Labour Market Report. Within the Report it states that skills shortages are particularly being seen in professional occupations where 50% of employers say that applicants haven't got the skills required. It goes on to state that:

  • 43% of employers are upskilling staff to fill vacancies (no problem there)

  • 23% are recruiting more apprentices

  • 19% are hiring outside the UK

  • 1 in 7 are lowering their recruitment standards

"Nowhere is there any suggestion that employers are disregarding years of under the table age discrimination to draw on the skills and experience of workers aged over 50", says Keith Simpson of SkilledPeople.com. "It is appalling that despite the shrinking pool of experienced jobseekers in the UK that employers are not making prioritising the recruitment of people with 20, 30 or 40 years of valuable experience."

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