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Three largely overlooked professions that can be lucrative.

Sometimes we think too narrowly when it comes to prospective career paths and jobs to pursue. From an early age some families instill in their children the thought that only certain career paths are acceptable and will be able to generate a good income. Careers such as Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers and Accountants are often seen as superior choices when it comes to making career decisions.

However, not everyone is going to fit into those few career paths. Investigating some less glamorous and prestigious jobs have found that due to the intense demand for these positions to be filled, they also can be lucrative career paths that can help you earn a decent amount of money. Here are three of the top largely overlooked professions that can help you live a comfortable life.  

1)      Truck drivers

The first job on our list of overlooked professions is truck driving. There is a common misconception that the trucking industry is not very large, and that there are not many employment opportunities there, and that there is not much room to make a good amount of money.

However, this is simply not the case. In America alone, it is estimated that over 3.5 million truck driversare employed in this industry. Depending on which trucking company you choose to work for and how they pay, you can make a varied amount of money per year. While the hours may be long, the job itself is relatively easy, and is perfect for those who are more introverted and enjoy being alone.

2)      Plumbers

Jobs that require a physical skill or trade such as plumbing is often overlooked as it is not the most glamorous job. However, it is a job that can earn you a decent salary. In addition, it is a job that will not likely be automated anytime soon –so you do not face the same type of job insecurity as factory workers may face. It is also a job that provides a service that people will always need.

Being a plumber often lends itself to working for yourself and creating your own company. Being your own boss can really have its benefits, and you can raise your fees as you become more and more well-known and respected in your local community. Another thing to consider is that plumbers are often listed under scare skills needed in other countries. So if you ever want to move, this can be advantageous.

3)      Crab fishermen

This may only be something you could consider as a career path if you live in coastal towns or cities where crabs are legally caught. However, if you do live in crab catching area such as Alaska, this can really be a great job to have for those who like adrenaline and action.

Since this is seasonal work, you only have a few months to catch as many crabs as possible. If you are a ‘work hard, play hard’ type of person –this could be for you. Some crab fishermenhave been known to make as much as $50 000 in an 8 week period alone. 

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