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Don’t take our word for it:

"We were looking for help with small projects at a London architectural practice and found the perfect person. Our brief was extreme. We wanted someone to undertake a diverse set of assignments from account keeping, letter writing, graphic design, book printing and office administration to photo retouching. A tall order.

"We found someone who has done them all. Thank you skilledpeople.com for the introduction."

Brooke Stanford, Director, 3D Click


“As a small business, we want to hire people who can contribute as much as possible as quickly as possible. Hiring someone who has been there, seen it and done it is much more cost effective in the long run. Skilledpeople.com has the right people."  

Francis O’Hagan, Operations Director, Jackson Gilmour


 "Using skilled freelancers on short-term projects allows us to control our costs and compete more effectively. Skilledpeople allows small companies to find those people quickly and economically.” 

Rick Marsland, Director,  White Page


"Finding quality experienced staff is always a challenge. The great thing about working with skilled experienced people is that they can make a faster contribution and have a better understanding of our business needs."   

 Doug Alexander, Partner, AlphaPet Veterinary Clinics