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Why jobseekers should consider short-term Project Work

Project jobs may be more available than full-time jobs and you should look for them whenever possible, for the following reasons:

  • They create some income while giving you the opportunity to continue your job search
  • You can put them on your CV so you do not look like you have not been working
  • They provide something interesting to do as looking for a job full-time is not a very rewarding experience; a better frame of mind during an interview will reflect a more favourable attitude. 
  • You can work nationwide from home as many projects are not site-based
  • They may extend to longer assignments or full time positions

More and more employers are considering the cost-effectiveness of using older, experienced people hired for a temporary job or project assignment when openings are hard to fill. It can be in your interest to accept a temporary job or project role for less pay than you commanded when you were working full-time to broaden your experience or to just ‘stay in the game’.

Become a SkilledPeople Silver Bullet

At skilledpeople.com we ask all candidates applying for short-term Project Assignments to agree to charge no more than £185 per day. It is in your interests to do so as these types of projects will broaden your experience and allow you to show the value you can add to an employer’s business.

SkilledPeople.com Silver BulletWe promote exceptionally experienced people who sign up for this option as our 'Silver Bullets'. Click here to see what we're saying to employers.

If you are looking for long-term contract or consultancy work of more than 20 days duration, you can, of course, negotiate your own terms.

A large part of our marketing activity is directed at small businesses to encourage them to use experienced people with at least 20 years’ experience, in this way. It is cost effective for them and valuable for you.

 Typical areas where we are encouraging small businesses to use our candidates for Project Assignments are: 

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Personnel / Human resources
  • Training
  • Sales
  • Production planning
  • Engineering
  • Planning applications
  • Public sector tender submissions
  • New product development
  • Customer surveys
  • Market research
  • Mystery shopping...

...the opportunities are endless.

After two or three assignments you might find that working in this way fits with your lifestyle and meets your financial needs so you could set up your own consultancy! PRIME (The Prince’s Initiative for Mature Enterprise) offers a wealth of advice and help for people aged over 50 looking to become older-preneurs. PRIME is the only national UK charity that helps the over 50s get back into work through self-employment.

PRIME offers free information, workshops and business networking events. It can refer people to accredited advisers for free business advice and in some parts of the country can also offer free mentoring and other services.

PRIME is the only national organisation dedicated to helping unemployed older people start and run their own businesses.A third of those aged between 50 and state pension age are not working, with a large percentage dependent on benefits. By comparison self-employment, or perhaps setting up in business with other people (a partnership, social enterprise or co-op), are attractive options.

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