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Workforce Development Manager - West Yorks, £30.5k to £44.5k

West Yorkshire
Education & Training
£35000 - £40000
Job Type
Full Time
Date Posted
Jul 24, 2017

Job Description

Job Title: Workforce Development Manager (Learning)

Salary Range: £30,551 - £44,500

Location: Headquarters, Leeds

Responsible to: Head of Insight and Learning

Main Purpose of Job: The Workforce Development Manager will be a key member of the wider Learning and Development Team, with a direct responsibility for managing UK Coaching’s tutor workforce. The role will be crucial in shaping and influencing continuous learning and development amongst tutors; providing professional development opportunities; performance management of tutors; improving the quality of UK Coaching’s learning provision; and ensuring high quality learning experiences for coaches.

Key Responsibilites:

1 To work with the Head of Insight and Learning, the Strategic Lead for Workforce and other the wider coaching team to produce a tutor workforce development plan for UK Coaching.

2 To support the learning and development of UK Coaching’s c400 tutors, lead tutors and national trainers. Providing a range of learning and development opportunities, supporting cultural change and quality improvement.

3 To design and deliver high quality tutor development programmes, events and activities in line with best practice in learning. This may include a variety of methods, e.g. workshops, training, conferences, seminars, action learning sets, mentoring, e-learning and social learning.

4 To maintain frequent and consistent communication with tutors, providing regular updates on UK Coaching developments and activities.

5 To design and implement systems and processes to improve the management and administration of the tutor workforce; including maintaining up to date and accurate records of tutors.

6 To lead and manage tutor recruitment and tutor orientations; and support them in their role as developers and coaches of people.

7 To design and implement robust quality assurance procedures to maintain high standards of learning provision.

8 To regularly review course evaluations and identify any learning and development needs for tutors.

9 To undertake an annual tutor learning needs assessment and tutor audit.

10 To monitor and review the impact of tutor development initiatives and update the Senior Management Team on a regular basis.

11 To provide support to UK Coaching’s licensed workshop partners and their own licensed workshop tutors.

12 To provide support to partners to help them provide bespoke workshops to their coaches.

13 To ensure that the tutor workforce work as a team within UK Coaching.

14 To ensure that all tutors act as a representative and ambassador for, and promote the best interests of, UK Coaching at all times.

15 To provide information, advice and support to other colleagues, as required.

16 To be the primary point of contact between UK Coaching and the workshop administration team within Coachwise, to facilitate effective management of the tutor workforce.

17 To liaise with the Strategic Lead for Workforce and other colleagues to support wider UK Coaching organisational developments including learning and development, culture change and quality improvement.

18 To undertake other such duties as may be required from time to time that are consistent with the responsibilities of the post and the needs of UK Coaching.

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